Yo dawg, you looking for a name for your graffiti crew? Safe. Read on for a list of possible crew names and ideas.

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Graffiti crew names can be long, maybe 2-4 words – and can then be shortened to acronyms.

Eg in the UK there is a crew in Manchester called FYM. Most of the time you will always see it written as FYM, though maybe it stands for something you should could do to your mother.

Graffiti crew nicknames can be kept secret, or can have multiple possible meanings depending on which member of the crew you ask or how drunk they are at the time.

The best way to come up with a graffiti crew name is actually to get all your friends together, and get wasted and draw stuff, then by the end you will probably have a few ideas.

Like any graffiti tag, it is important to actually draw out your graffiti crew name to make sure the letters are good. There is no point picking a crew name that looks terrible and is made up of loads of letters you hate drawing.

If you want to come up with a crew name yourself and work back from there, maybe think about where you live, or something funny.

For more inspiration check out our graffiti name generator tool.

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