So, you are thinking what graffiti name to choose?

Here are some things to think about that should help you pick the right graffiti tag name.

First off, some letters can be harder to draw than others – the last thing you want to do is pick a name that starts, contains, or ends with a letter you hate drawing.

Some letters can look cooler than others, depending on your writing style and skills, but also because of the basic shapes of letters.

So a really good tip is to practice drawing some letters before you choose a name.

Make sure you enjoy writing the name, and can pull off as many of the letters in the name as possible.

As well as practicing drawing tags – also try and do more detailed ‘pieces’ with the graffiti name – so that you test it in as many ways as possible.

Some letters might look great as a tag, but not so great in pieces.

There is no rule on how many letters can be in a graffiti name.

You want enough to be able to do something cool, but not so many that drawing a tag takes ages every time.

I would probably recommend a name somewhere between 3 and 6 letters. Any more than 6 and you will definitely want to have a shortened version of the name that you can use at the same time.

It is possible to shorten longer names eg “Tetsuo” to “Tets”, or “K Hole” to “KH”, so if you do have a long name don’t worry too much – you can find a way to work with it.

You don’t want to use the same name as someone else, so have a quick look around to make sure there are no other writers with the same name.

If there are, you can always stick a “2” or other character or word on the end, if you really want to use the name.

So our main tips:

  • Choose fun letters, letters you like drawing
  • Keep it short (3 to 6 letters)
  • You can shorten it if it’s too long
  • Make sure you can draw it first, don’t pick a name you hate drawing

Do you have any tips for people choosing a graffiti name? Leave them below.

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