Want to buy graffiti spray paint, marker pens or graffiti supplies?

We got you covered.

This special offer for GraffitiNames.org visitors gets you a free marker pen on orders over $25 from BombingScience.

What sort of spray paint should I buy for graffiti?

Bombing Science stock the following types of spraypaint: Belton (Molotow), IronLak, Kolour, Flame and Coversall.

Belton is a great spraypaint to use whether you are a beginner or a pro, as if you use the right type of caps the paint comes out slow and applies brilliantly.

IronLak is another fantastic type of spraypaint designed by graffiti artists for graffiti artists.

I want to buy spray-paint as a gift, what should I buy?

Make sure you buy someone at least 3 or 4 cans of paint if you are able to! The more the merrier.

Do not buy small novelty cans they are a waste of money.

Buy a selection of colours, and ideally a white and a black.

Chrome is a great type of paint to buy as a present – everyone loves a can of chrome 🙂

Types of spraypaint

Belton (Molotow)

As mentioned above, Belton is an excellent type of spray paint for pros or beginners. Owned and made in Germany, the owners have a long history in graffiti and a strong reputation for the best quality paint and materials.


IronLak are newer on the block but still an excellent choice. IronLak paint is great to paint with, perfect for the seasoned graffiti artist that wants to try a different type of paint.


Kolour are another new brand of spraypaint, designed by graffiti artists and designed for maximum awesoneness.

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