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10 super-duper-awesome graffiti videos for April 2014.

Obrigada Mots, Mesk e Fedor

We have found you 10 new graffiti videos of street art, pieces and tags from all round the world. Enjoy.

Bang – Cachhorro Magro

Supremely trippy music video from Brazilian artist Cachorro Magro – produced by TropKillaz. Directors: Escriche + Delarosa. Art: Delarosa + Luy Troncoso. Graffiti + Scenario artists: Tick + Zagri.

Startschuss Kreativwirtschaftszentrum Dortmund: Graffitikünstler Gmehling & Loomit am Bauzaun

Graffiti artists Gmehling & Loomit discuss graffiti and the launch of a creative industries centre in Dortmund, Germany.

Video from

†L163 Movie Trailer

Trailer of a new movie †L163 that covers the Brazilian train graffiti scene. The video above is focused on the São Paulo Subway.

Girafa –

Awesome video of artist Girafa. Check his sticker sheet and more at

Bamcontent | BUNT \ MOW | Use your brain

Bamcontent | BUNT \ MOW | Use your brain.


Video for a limited book by Taps & Moses™ available at from the 24th April.

GRAFF IT: No Crap Tag Allowed

French language graffiti documentary (part 1). Some awesome shots and interviews.


A video/photo diary of some pretty crazy grimey street art from Berlin, Germany.

Filmed by César Ruiz. Edited by Flavia Díaz. Music: Arp Attack – bicycle.

“Acid & Crystal Meth”

Trippy graffiti video actions from WTARMY.

Obrigada Mots, Mesk e Fedor

Short but sweet video from Portugal. “The Wall Circus, last intervention RU+A, the initiative is finally completed.”

We hope you feel suitably entertained.

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